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Update about Covid-19

Dear partners and Mykonians

As we are an international project which is based and connected with the transportation & luxury tourism we were partly effected by the situation of Covid-19.

We want to inform you that our preparation in the project is almost completed and we need few details to launch Mykonos EYE.

As the world need some more time to be balanced with this pandemic situation , summer in Greece and in Mykonos seems that will be later start , around June or July , and with some special conditions .

Also the transportation by air or sea

for our high end clients are not stable and sure. 

Because of this situation  we decide to change  the day One of the project for 25-05-2022.

Meanwhile we will continue our preparation with more strong deals about MykonosEye.

The next months we will make a huge promo campaign (internet-email-media) generally about Mykonos to remind strong in our targeted countries

the beautiness and the safety of this amazing island. 

We will continue to accept new participants in the project until 01-04-2022.

Meetings & appointments they are possible by teleconference with ZOOM .

   Let's be positive,calm & smiley ,because

we need alive our healthy minds and dreams

Mykonos EYE Love Offer

We love more the people and the Island and for this we make the best possible Offer for this situation .

1. We are charging only for Summer 2022    Membership and we are making

big promo actions

for our clients this year for FREE.

2. We will give  5% of our profit in actions to make people happier in societies that they need it in Greek Islands(Philanthropy).

3.We will run in May & June huge promo campaign for Mykonos in our partner countries,with price only your smile. 


Stay positive,watch

this cool story for

Mr Corona and listen LIVE all day our partner 


Smile with us ;)



Mykonos EYE Partners

What we are doing for Mykonos ?


 We are presenting a unique product All in One





Social Media Marketing

We are presenting our results in 3 languages (English-Arabic-Turkish)

We are distributing on exclusive luxury spots (Private Marina-Yacht Club-VIP  Business Lounge-Golf Club)

We are sharing our info in a privileged multinational network(USA-Qatar-Dubai-Kuwait-Abu Dhabi-Bahrain-Lebanon-Turkey-Monaco-France-Montenegro-Croatia-Malta-Cyprus-Italy-Spain)

We are Guarantee our services with a detailed contract.  

Meet us in Athens & Mykonos personally soon

or Meet us in ZOOM meeting

by appointment in

Registration continues until 01.04.2022

Activation date 25.05.2022


We promote Mykonos EYE all over the world


We are creating amazing

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 Join us , is cool 

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